Dr G. J. C. Lokhorst

February 2, 2018




Grants and Awards

Research Interests



Courses 2005-2023 (TU Delft)

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, and Ethics (faculties of Aerospace Engineering, Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Technology, Policy, and Management).

Courses 2005-2023 (University of Twente)

Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics, Neuroethics, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (Faculty of Philosophy).

Courses 1990-2004 (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Analogical Reasoning, Argumentation Theory, Causality, Computability and Logic, Computational Philosophy of Science, Deontic Logic, Epistemic Logic, Formal Ontology, Logic of Action, Modal Logic, Neurophilosophy, Non-Monotonic Logic, Paraconsistent Logic, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Artificial Life, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Economics and Informatics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Neuroscience, First-Order Predicate Logic, Propositional Logic, Social Aspects of Information Technology, Supervenience, Vagueness.

Courses 1989 (ITK Tilburg)

Neural Networks.

Supervised PhD Theses (TU Delft)

Supervised Master's Theses (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Services to the Profession

Other Activities

(In Dutch) Bestuurlijke en organisatorische werkzaamheden (Faculteit der Wijsbegeerte, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam).

Publications and Presentations

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