Gert-Jan C. Lokhorst


EXTRALIG: Computer Modern Ligatures for Dutch and German

Contents: Metafont sources for Computer Modern fonts with ligatures `fb', `ff', `ffb', `fff', `ffh', `ffi', `ffij', `ffj', `ffk', `ffl', `fh', `fi', `fij', `fj', `fk', `fl', `ij' and oldstyle numerals (including old style italic numerals).

Download extralig package

ILLUSTRATION: picture of extralig symbols

LINEAR: Some symbols for linear and modal logic

This package contains the metafont sources for some symbols such as inverted ampersand, linear implication and strict implication which are indispensable when one is typesetting linear and modal logic. It also contains some *.sty and *.fd files to use these symbols with LaTeX2e.

Download linear package

ILLUSTRATION: picture of linear symbols

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